Gramvousa Balos Cruises

Welcome to Gramvousa and Balos!

At the north western point of Crete you will find Gramvousa, a small island with an impregnable castle, a fortress, a masterpiece of the 16th century, and Balos, the unique lagoon of Crete, with its blue green waters, it pink sandy beach and famous shells!

A cruise that you will surely repeat, since, even Caribbean visitors envy this region.An impressive and unique environment of steep rocks and cliffs, an immense blue sea and hidden sandy beaches, and the serene lagoon of Balos, combines with the remains of the long lasting history of the region: monasteries, churches and the imposing castle of Imeri Gramvousa.

Its natural beauty is combined with the diversity and rarity of plants and animals, a unique minority only found in this small part of the world. The beauty and the wealth of the region is found within its diversity and complexity of life. Observe, feel, get to know, love and protect it.
We wish you a pleasant stay!

Partnership of naval companies


Our companies are able to offer you a taste of paradise in a daily cruise from Kissamos to the island of Gramvousa and the lagoon of Balos. Gramvousa and Balos are bio-topes and have been included in the European program NATURE 2000 as they are regions of outstanding natural beauty. Our companies have been running this excursion with great success since 1995.

Our ticket offices are situated in the harbour in Kissamos (Kasteli) and Chania. For further information and reservations you can contact us on by:
Telephone: +30 28220 24344 & 83311 , (from 8.30 – 21.30)
Fax: +30 28220 83321
Mobile: +30 6936842185 & 6973739181-4
E-mail: info@gramvousa.com
Website: www.gramvousa.com

This excursion is available from the beginning of May until the end of the tourist season in October. Our safe, fast and luxurious passenger tourist boats are:

  • Gramvousa NP 4879
  • Gramvousa Express NP 10310
  • Porto Gramvousa NH 203 and
  • Balos Express NR37
  • Total capacity of 2600

Departure times are:

Cruise: Kissamos - Gramvousa - Balos at 10am from the port of Kissamos or
Cruise: Kissamos - Balos - Gramvousa at 10.15 am from the port of Kissamos.

Both returning at 18.00 From the end of June until the start of September there is a further cruise Departure time: 12.30 from Kissamos,returning at 19.30 During the 55 minute boat trip from Kissamos you will enjoy a guided tour and fantastic scenery.

Our boats have air conditioned lounges, restaurants/bars, television and open decks so you can enjoy the spectacular view. These cruises offer a unique holiday experience, as they take in the most spectacular scenery in Crete. They offer you the chance to combine entertainment with a visit of archaeological sites, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, photography and even hiking if you wish.

The Balos / Gramvousa region has been visited by many celebrities. Prince Charles and Princess Diana swam in the clear crystal waters of Balos during their honeymoon. Our many years of experience, ensures an enjoyable and carefree excursion that you are sure to repeat in future holidays to Crete.