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Lousakies - Polirrinia



Polyrinnia today is a traditional mountain village close to Kissamos (six and a half kms). Its old name was Paleokastro, after the fortress that protected the once thriving community. Many of the ancient stones, pillars and columns, taken from the Roman (Hadrian) period and Hellenistic temple of Artemis, have been used as materials to rebuild the village and can be clearly seen in some of the homes, public buildings and courtyatds.

As well as having a fascinating history the village is very picturesque with traditional houses and alleyways and the area itself is famous for its splendid Spring flowers in April and May.

There is also the church of the Virgin Mary built into a rockface that houses some remarkable old icons and was once a secret school for the Greeks whilst under Turkish occupation.


10km from Kissamos the village of Lousakies is known for its folklore, traditions and is the birthplace of Stephanos Triantafylakis who was a founder of Cretan traditional dance first recorded in 1750. Every 15th August the village holds a wonderful religious celebration with traditional food, music and dancing. There are also plans to open a folk museum in the old primary school of the village with exhibits from all over the region of Kissamos.